A solid foundation for your business.

Foundation is a company that specializes in creating highly secure virtual machines. Their virtual machines are designed to provide users with a safe and reliable environment for running applications and conducting business operations.
Leading ORGANIZATIONS choose Foundation

Works perfectly with your software.

Enterprise-ready HARDENING

Secure by default

Foundation uses leading industry standard hardening frameworks such as STIGĀ and NIST.
Enterprise-ready SUpport

Always available for you

Foundation team provides on-demand support whenever you need assistance.

Security that works

Foundation Security implements a comprehensive set of security controls and configurations that serve as the minimum level of protection for hundreds of virtual machines.


Choose the software framework and operating system that you wish to utilize in your implementation.


Deploy your software stack on any of the compatible operating systems.


Expand your customer base further with our supported virtual machines.

Foundation is entrusted with millions of computing hours.

Switch to a trusted virtual machine provider that is loved by thousands of organizations every single day.